At Thames Valley Cricket Academy (TVC), our philsophy is simple and follows that of successful football academies such as FC Barcelona and Fulham FC. We believe that the more time a child spends "on the ball" then the more opportunity they will have to improve. Too many cricket sessions involve too many children idly standing around waiting to bat or bowl. At TVC we aim to give our cricketers up to 10 times as much involvement than a normal club session. Alongside this we will not have more than 10 boys to one coach so each child is given good quality time with an expert coach.


Thames Valley Cricket Academy (TVC) has a strong coaching philosophy for aspiring young crickets. We believe that local clubs play an excellent part in a cricketers developement but the talented / above average players need more specialist attention in order to develop and improve. Club sessions can sometimes be a little chaotic with too many children, no real structure and not enough qualified coaches.

At TVC we offer young talented cricketers the opportunity:

1). To train alongside likeminded talented players in their own age group

2). To develop in a small child to coach ratio

3). To work with ECB qualified coaches including ex county and England cricketers

4). Optimum bat and ball exposure

5). To work with a Fulham FC Academy coach on agility and co-ordination

6). To progress into district and county cricket

7). To express themselves and to play, play, play without over-use of coach intervention.

8). To ultimately have fun and thrive in an enjoyable environment

If your child is aged 7 or under (year 2) then we have a junior academy.

SuMMER CAMP 2nd to 6th and 9th to 13th aug AT COOKHAM DEAN CC 9.30AM TO 3.30PM              £40 PER DAY                    HALF DAY OPTION AT £30    uNDER 7 TO U13                      PLAYERS GROUPED BY AGE AND ABILITY



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